Getting the most out of your candles

Our candles are a natural product and they burn slower and cleaner than other candles so taking care while burning is important.

– Trim your wick to 5mm or ½ cm before lighting.
– Burn your soy candle for 3 hours at first, or until the wax melts to the glass edge. This creates an even burn pool.
– Trim your wick to 5mm or ½ cm before each burn. This prolongs the life of your soy candle; it prevents overheating of the glass and mushrooming of the wick.
– Burn your Soy Candle no more than 4 hours at a time.
– Never leave your soy candle unattended or in a draft area.
– Keep away from children and animals.
– Leave 5mm or ½ cm of wax in the base of your glass to finish your soy candle and discard.
– You can use the lid as a coaster, or use a heat resistant base to protect the surface the soy candle is on.

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