Hi there! Thanks for taking the time to read about our business. My husband and I work together to produce our Luxury Soy Candles and Reed Diffusers. We created Mirisi Soy Collection in September 2014. I get asked a lot about the name of our business. ‘Mirisi’ is a Croatian word meaning ‘Scents’. I wanted to use a name that comes from my heritage. But as I’ve learned this is a similar meaning in neighbouring countries.

We hand pour, package and label our products in Perth, so this has given us the opportunity to provide other services such as Corporate and Custom labelled Soy Candles for client gifts or personal gifts. We also specialise in Photo candles for Memorial Services or celebrations, also Bomboniere or Favours for Weddings, Christenings, Birthdays and other Religious ceremonies.

We take pride in our work and strive to produce the consistent quality for our customers and clients.

Enjoy our products and much as we enjoy making them xx

Our candles are a natural product and they burn slower and cleaner than other candles so taking care while burning is important.

– Trim your wick to 5mm or ½ cm before lighting.
– Burn your soy candle for 3 hours at first, or until the wax melts to the glass edge. This creates an even burn pool.
– Trim your wick to 5mm or ½ cm before each burn. This prolongs the life of your soy candle; it prevents overheating of the glass and mushrooming of the wick.
– Burn your Soy Candle no more than 4 hours at a time.
– Never leave your soy candle unattended or in a draft area.
– Keep away from children and animals.
– Leave 5mm or ½ cm of wax in the base of your glass to finish your soy candle and discard.
– You can use the lid as a coaster, or use a heat resistant base to protect the surface the soy candle is on.